Toile de remplacement Taupe clair en Olefin pour parasol Easy Sun 350 Expand

Toile de remplacement Taupe clair en Olefin pour parasol Easy Sun 350




This Olefin replacement canvas (240gr/m²) can be used on each of our free arm Easy Sun parasols of 350cm, whatever the year of production. This original canvas in light taupe color has exactly the same features as the ones on our actual Easy Sun parasols. The replacement of the canvas is easy and fast, and you'll only need a cross-head screwdriver and a stap stool.

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A parasol of such quality needs to be able to adapt to its desires. If you are still happy with your Sun Garden umbrella but want to change the color, Easy Sun offers to replace your canvas in a few moments. This parasol cloth in Light Taupe Olefin (240 gr/m²) has the same qualities as the cloths currently sold with the Sun Garden - Easy Sun deported parasols. All our Easy Sun canvases have eyelets for fixing onto the parasol ribs and 8 velcro attachments which attach to each rib to further reduce the wind's impact to the canvas. Replace the cover of your Sun Garden deported parasol 350 We recommend that you change your cover directly on the parasol with the ribs retracted. Using a screwdriver, a ladder or a chair, it will be easy, once the eight protective caps of the screws removed, to unscrew the eight points which fix the fabric to the ribs of your deported parasol. Undo the velcro which fixes the canvas to the ribs, take out the protective caps and unscrew the eight screws. Unlace the knot in the canvas around the tilting balljoint and open the fastening. Then you just have to take the same steps in reverse to fix your new canvas and enjoy a brand-new parasol.

Type de toileOlefin
Garantie2 ans
Poids et dimension du colisL40xH10xP40 cm pour 3 Kg
Diamètre de la toile en cm350
Qualité de la toile240 gr/m²
Forme de la toileclassique avec volants
Resiste a los malos tiemposoui
100% reciclableoui
Filtra los rayos UVoui
Alta resistencia al desgarrooui
Alta resistencia a la luzoui
Hecho en Europaoui
2 años de Garantíaoui
Parasols compatiblesEasy Sun 350
ColorisTaupe clair
Diamètre de la toile cm350
Label ProduitOlefin licht taup 350 vervangingsdoek
Diameter van het doek in cm2350

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