Parasol déporté Sun Garden - Easy Sun carré sans volants - toile Olefin Taupe Expand

Parasol déporté Sun Garden - Easy Sun carré sans volants - toile Olefin Taupe




Quickly discover our high-range square Easy Sun parasol measuring 320cm with its taupe canvas in olefin. The price includes the swivelling parasol, its base and protective winter sleeve. Ce swivelling high-range parasol Easy Sun 320cm square will embellish your garden. It pivots on its base 360 degrees, and the double mast allows it to recline to 45°

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With 15 patents, a high-range Easy Sun swivelling parasol guarantees you high quality and an exceptional ease of use.

No tools are needed to assemble this parasol. So you can quickly enjoy it.

The base (included in the price) can be filled with water, sand, gravel or clinkers with a capacity of 150 kilos.

The mast of this high-range swivelling parasol inclines to 45° to easily protect you from the sun. Two chocks are located underneath to ensure you the best position for your canvas when you incline it.

What's more, this 70mm aluminium mast pivots 360° on its central axis, and a latch blocks the rotation.

The canvas has a funnel to reduce windpull. Each rib has a piston on a spring to still further reduce windpull to the canvas.

Finally, there is a unique brake system when the canvas is opened to avoid shocks to the canvas and the mast when this high-range swivelling parasol is reclined.

The opening/closing system has a unique pully system to open it and close it without using force.

Type de toileOlefin
Couleur du mâtAnthracite
Type de mâtAluminium, peinture epoxy (70mm de diamètre)
Couleur du piedAnthracite
Type de piedEn résine
Rotation360 degrés
Inclinaison45 degrés
Hauteur du parasol305cm
Hauteur sous le parasol220cm
Encombrement (toile + pied)410cm
Garantie2 ans
InclusLe pied et une housse hiver
Poids et dimension du colisL250xH20xP60 cm pour 34 Kg (Nouveau conditionnement)
Diamètre de la toile en cm320
Qualité de la toile240 gr/m²
Forme de la toilecarré sans volants
Resiste a los malos tiemposoui
Filtra los rayos UVoui
Alta resistencia al desgarrooui
Alta resistencia a la luzoui
Hecho en Europaoui
2 años de Garantíaoui
Label ProduitEasy Sun 320 olefin taupe


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