Baleine complète anthracite pour parasol Sun Garden Easy Sun Expand

Baleine complète anthracite pour parasol Sun Garden Easy Sun




Complete rib (Anthracite) for Easy Sun parasol XL 375. This set of spare parts is delivered with a return, 2 fixing devices (half moons) and a central joint, but NO rib damper (canvas sight). In case of doubt about the way to replace this spare part, please contact our technical service.

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99,00 €

IVA incluído

25 años de existencia y de controles de calidad

Servicio Técnico rápido y de confianza

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Repair your Easy Sun parasol by yourself. An Easy Sun - Sun Garden parasol is an investment for a lifetime. But after many years, the replacement of a part such as the complete rib may be necessary. But it will cost a lot less than the price of a new parasol. Our spare parts are specially designed in the Sun Garden workshops for your Easy Sun parasol (375 XL) and we offer you all the useful operating instructions, as well as a our Technical Service to advise you.

Incluslivré complète avec articulations, demi-lunes et avec embout de baleine
Poids et dimension du colis157/30/20 mm
Hecho en Europaoui
2 años de Garantíaoui
Parasols compatibles375 xl

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